Brick Makes Managing Your Mortgage Stress Free,
So You Can Spend More Time Enjoying Your Life.

Brick is the smart mortgage manager that powers your best life.

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How Brick Works

We Make Mortgage Management Painless.

You Set Your #LifeGoals

Your home and mortgage should support the life you want to lead. Just tell us more about your upcoming life goals and changes.

We Manage Your Mortgage

Brick makes the hard decisions - repayment strategies, when to refinance and/or take cash out - so you have the best financial support for #LifeGoals.

So You Live Confidently.

Brick constantly monitors your personal finances, home value, and the housing market to make sure you are always prepared for what life brings to your home.

Your Home Is An Asset

Brick makes sure your mortgage always helps your home be the best financial asset it can be.

  • Automatic Refinancings
  • Repayment Managament
  • Home Equity Access